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Episode 9: Believe in Yourself: Wise Mom Advice from a Single Mom in LA with Ashton Roberts

What's it like being a single mom in a big city like LA? This mama gives us a look into her journey and how she's grown as a person and a mom.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of bringing one of my long time friends from high school on the show. Ashton Roberts is an Office Manager in Los Angeles and also a freelance artist. She has an eight year old son who she says is "just amazing". She loves to keep up with the news and social issues, and enjoy most anything on HBO. She loves good food and cooking, but also down to eat fast food any time. She is also a huge book lover; the first thing you see in her apartment are bookshelves and books piled up all over the place.

Some takeaways from this weeks episode:

  • Ashton talks about her journey of becoming a single mom, what she's learned and how she co-parents.

  • She talks a lot about how your actions effect your child. That your child "needs a person, not an expectation"

  • How a trip to China and shaving her hair was one of the most defining moments in her life as a person and a mom.

  • How traditional play isn't a thing in a city like LA. You have to schedule time to play and explore in a big city.

You can follow Ashton on Instagram @lovestruckpsyche

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