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Episode 69: How Sharing Her Miscarriage Story Gave Her Strength with Stephanie Inghram

Did you know that 1 in 4 women have a miscarriage?

It’s a heartbreaking thing that happens more often than we think. Although it is starting to be talked about more, it is still not talked about enough and that’s why Stephanie feels like she needs to continue to open up about her experience with miscarriage.

In this very vulnerable episode, Stephanie shares her story about her two miscarriages. She shares what her body went through and also how hard it really was. But she talks about how her strength came from sharing her story more. Stephanie believes that miscarriage needs to be talked about for the mental health of the mom. She breaks down everytime she hears about someone who has a miscarriage because it takes her back to her experience and she hates that anyone else has to feel and go through that. I appreciate Stephanie’s bravery and strength. Her willingness to share will hopefully continue to help moms out there who have had a miscarriage.

Stephanie Inghram is the founder of momUP-Upping Your Mom Game! She is an entrepreneur extraordinaire turned mom, turned super-passionate self-care mama coach who works from home with her toddler and seven month old (and husband) underfoot.

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