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About Haili

Wife, Mom, Podcast Host

& Podcast Management Expert


Fun Facts

My podcast business doubled in 2020 as more entrepreneurs launched podcasts like crazy!

I love to decorate and organize my house. I love a good declutter project and love buying new furniture or wall decor to change up a space in a room!

I have written over 120 songs! Yep! My self therapy through high school and college was writing songs about me and my friend's boy troubles. Good times!

Hey there!

I’m a mom of two boys and a podcast connoisseur! I made podcasts the focus of my business and one year ago, I even launched a podcast of my own - THIS is Legit Motherhood. Today, I teach women how to start their own podcast management businesses.


I started my Virtual Assistant business in August 2018. Since then, I have been working with other women entrepreneurs with their online businesses, predominantly working on podcasts and Pinterest marketing. 


After my first year in business, I decided to start my own podcast called THIS is Legit Motherhood. I wanted to open up about talking about some of the harder mom topics we don't talk about as much.  My mission is to help moms feel less alone on their motherhood journeys and to help them get organized in their day-to-day mom life. I want to help you have time for the things that matter most in your life. I love interviewing and talking to other moms about their stories, it's so inspiring!​


I also love to play and create music, travel, go on adventures with my boys, and watch shows with my husband. Pizza is my weakness food and I love the beach. If any of this is relatable, then we need to chat, friend! Please feel free to email me or find me on Instagram @hailimurch.

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