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Episode 59: Choose to Reignite The Passion in Your Marriage and Sex Life with Monica Tanner

Do you feel like 2020 has been a good year or hard year for your marriage and sex life? Or do you feel like you’re in a rut with your spouse right now?

It’s a loaded question, but this episode is LEGIT full of some great tips and information on how we can change that. In this episode with Marriage and Sexpert (yep, that’s right!), Monica Tanner, she talks about how to reignite the passion in your marriage and sex life. She talks about the importance of CHOICE in your relationship. Everything is about how you view it and the choices that you make. She also talks about how to make marriage fun and how to get excited to be with your spouse again!

She also takes time to answer some questions from those of you who asked questions about sex. Stick around until the end to hear her responses!

Try her challenge to talk to your spouse 10-20 minutes everyday and treat this as non negotiable time. Be curious about each other’s lives!

Monica Tanner is a Marriage and Intimacy Sexpert and podcast host of the podcast On the Brighter Side of Marriage. Her goal is to lower the divorce rate by helping couples have better sex. She specifically works with busy moms to help them prioritize their most important relationship while crushing their goals using a process called Sexpionage. Her programs are based on laws of attraction, connection, passion and pleasure. She is married and has 4 kids.

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