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Episode 52: Pursuing Your Goals Even If Your Husband Has a Demanding Job with Sara Payne

Do you sometimes feel like it's hard to reach your goals when your husband seems to always be working? Does he have a career path that requires a lot of him and you wonder how you'll ever get time for things that are important to you?

In this episode, Sara Payne, chats with us about how she went for her goals and dreams even though her husband was in med school and became a physician. She gives three tips on how you can still go for the things you want even if your husband isn't around all the time. She gives a lot of great insight into how we can change our mindset about ourselves and our marriage when it comes to the balance of your family and your goals. It is possible to support your spouse and go for it!

Sara Payne lives Billings, Montana with her husband and 4 kids. She has lived all over the country and have had many great adventures as her husband has pursued his career in medicine. She is a life coach and who specializes in helping women who are married to doctors stop being the backup dancer to their husbands' careers.

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Podcast- The Doctor's Wife

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