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Episode 49: Every Type of Birth is Beautiful

A C-Section Experience that Changed a Mom's Perspective on How We Talk About Birth with Amy Matos

Did you have a birth experience that was not what you expected? I would guess that a lot of women have had birthing experiences that didn’t go as planned and sometimes that really affects them and how they view their motherhood or their bodies.

In this episode, I talk with Amy Matos who opens up about her C-section experience and how it affected the way she viewed birth and her body for a while. But after having time and space to heal, she recognized that it didn’t matter how her baby was born, it was beautiful. She also talks about how we need to be careful about how we talk about birth so that women feel empowered in their births no matter how the baby might come. I really appreciated her honesty and her sharing her story with us. She also talked about her thoughts and experience in a recent article on the Scary Mommy blog which you can read in the link below. This episode is as legit as it gets. Mom’s….you are amazing. Your body is amazing. Take a listen!

Amy Matos is a bilingual business consultant, content strategist, and heart centered copywriter who is on a mission to empower women. She helps women who coach women articulate their compelling and soulful message in a way that elevates their brand and their business. Amy leads a local FemCity Collective in Nashua, NH which is where she lives with her husband and two toddlers.

Learn more about her work at

Read her article on Scary Mommy here:

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