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Episode 46: Meaningful Messes and Having an Intentional Home with Carly Thornock

Do you ever feel super overwhelmed by the mess in your house? Do you feel like you can never keep up and your house can never look perfect?!

Well, this episode should give you some major mom freedom in recognizing the meaning of the mess and creating an intentional home. This interview with Carly Thornock is so uplifting and inspiring on how you can look at the mess in your home and find purpose but also how to create a space that works for your family! We talk about embracing the mess, truly picking the ONE priority in your home that’s most important and creating your whole home around that one priority! This episode is legit about how your home does not have to look perfect to feel like a home that works for your family.

Carly is the interior designer and marriage and family scholar behind the company Intentional House, where she helps mamas use their HOUSES to maximize their daily happiness (say what?) and rock their family relationships.Though she finds creating stunning homes to be super fun, Carly's true joy is in (un)designing... putting together spaces that prioritize family connection, with beauty and functionality as natural consequences. Carly and her husband Chase live with their three boys in Utah. There is never a dull moment around the Thornock home, and for that reason they intentionally select dull corners on all their furniture.

More about Carly:

Instagram: @intentionalhouse

Facebook: @intentionalhouse


Free Downloadable Guide-The 3 “C”-crets of Meaningful Messes

Carly’s Book: Intentional House by Month

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