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Episode 45: Ways to Expose & Talk to Your Kids About Race & How to Better Support Each Other as Moms

with Sonja Thompkins

In this interview with Sonja Thompkins, you will get a new perspective on how we talk to our kids about race, how we can support each other as moms, and a good laugh as she talks about her legit motherhood experience. She gives great insight into how we can better teach and expose our kids to different races and experiences. She mentions it’s important that we don’t focus on the problem, but we need to focus on how to keep the problem from existing. A lot of what our kids learn is by watching us. Our actions are crucial in how our kids see how we react with others.

I love Sonja’s openness in helping us recognize that we can meet each other where we are in discussing these topics and that there are some things that are universal no matter what our race, religion or ethnicity.

Sonja Thompkins is a practical empowerment coach and business strategist who’s dedicated to helping women & female entrepreneurs create more fulfillment in their lives and businesses. Her motto is think big, start small and practice with precision.

An entrepreneur for over 20 years she has mastered the art of pivoting her businesses to meet both industry challenges and personal shifts like marriage and motherhood and teaches these strategies in her coaching programs and podcast The Sonja Thompkins Show. When she's not working with ambitious entrepreneurs she's a wife and homeschool mom to her seven year old son.

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