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Episode 44: Why Mindset Matters as a Mom and How to Combat Our Limiting Beliefs with Crissy Pyfer

In this special episode, I get to chat with one of my clients! Crissy Pyfer is a life and business coach with a mission to inspire women to live each day with a Suburban Warrior mindset! I had her come on the podcast because I love her perspective and tips about why mindset matters so much as a mom! She says “Mindset is EVERYTHING!” We talk about how as a mom mindset affects what we do and how we can break the cycle of the negative thoughts. When we really break things down, there’s no reason we can’t do something! This is such an inspirational episode to help you recognize your warrior strength as a mom!

Crissy is the podcast host of Suburban Warrior and the owner & CEO of Crissy Pyfer, providing coaching services and programs for women. She is a motivational speaker and has appeared at The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA. She has filmed a pilot TV show focusing on coaching women and is a featured podcast guest. She is also a Vice President with EVER, a clean beauty company leading over 120 women. She is a wife and a mom to 4 little warriors, ranging in age from middle school to college.

More about Crissy:

Free Warrior Up Worksheet to Help with Your mindset! Go to her website and scroll to the bottom or click on website pop up to sign up!

Instagram- @_suburban_warrior

Podcast- Suburban Warrior

Facebook Group- Suburban Warrior-Tips and Tricks for living your best life

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