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Episode 41: The Balance of Prioritizing Your Spouse and Yourself: A Med-Student Wife Survival Guide

Interview with Hannah Crepeau

Supporting a spouse no matter what they are trying to achieve or what their career is, can be a tough ride. I love this chat with one of my good friends from college, who has been a med-student wife while her husband has been in medical school and doing his residency the last few years.

This episode is SOOO good whether you 100% relate to Hannah’s situation or not. She talks a lot about how to make time for your spouse when real life gets busy with jobs and kiddos. She also talks a lot about navigating yourself as you might have to work, be mom, and try to have time for the things you love, while supporting your spouse.

I love how she also touches on the transition of moving and how to meet new people everywhere you go and how important that support really is. Seriously, this episode is just beautifully said and very legit!

Hannah is a mama, medical wife, and marketer living in the suburbs of Washington DC. She, her husband, Phil, and their two year old daughter moved east after Phil graduated from the University of Washington Medical School in Seattle in 2019. She loves spending her time at museums (bless the Smithsonian Institute) and exploring all the historical sites on the east coast. When she’s not out in DC, she’s usually immersed in a good book, embroidering, or binge watching Great British Bake-off.

If you want to chat with Hannah, check her out on Instagram @hannscrepeau.

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