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Episode 40: Mom Guilt: It’s Time to Stop. You are Doing Enough with Haili Murch

The episode many of you requested and near and dear to my heart.

I felt major mom guilt the other day when my son said he didn’t know what he liked to do with mom.

We were playing the “favorites” game and I asked my 6 year old what he loved to do with mom and he couldn’t think of something. Now, I know he’s 6 and I put him on the spot. But I felt this massive mom guilt because he didn’t know right off the top of his head what OUR thing was. But I can’t spiral in the guilt. It was a moment of humbling and recognizing what I might need to do better.

I am sharing a bonus podcast episode with you this week about mom guilt.

But I do not believe that guilt is always a good thing. In fact I think guilt is the silent killer to our joy in motherhood. Too blunt?? Take a listen to this episode as I get SUPER LEGIT with you about mom guilt. What it is and how I’ve dealt with it. I also give you 5 new thoughts you can give yourself instead of mom guilt. And most importantly, you really are doing ENOUGH.

Haili Info:

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