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Episode 4: Being More than Mommy is OK with Julie Ciardi

In this episode, I interview guest Julie Ciardi whose whole mission is to help mom's be successful in not just being a great mom, but being more than a mom!

"You have permission to be more than mommy."

In this episode I had the privilege to interview my client and friend, Julie Ciardi. Julie is a life and business coach who helps mamas remember that they are more than a mommy. She left a corporate vice president of marketing job of 16 years leading over 200 people, to start not just 1, but 2 businesses and a network marketing business. She caught the entrepreneurship bug and has never been happier! She is married and the mother to 3 children.

Here are a couple highlights in this interview with Julie:

  • Julie says, "You can’t be there for your kids the way they need you if you don’t take care of yourself"

  • Julie comments that if you are a young mom start making time for yourself now. Make it a habit. Being more than mommy can be an example to your kids.

  • "You have permission to be more than mommy"

  • Kids will one day grow up and leave the nest. Be sure to have things outside of being a mom so when they leave you are still YOU.

If you want to know more about Julie you can follow her on Instagram:



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If you want to start a business or side hustle and don't know where to begin, book a discovery call with Julie! You can email her at

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