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Episode 35: STEM Activities with Your Kids with Alyson Peterson Owner of the Winkle

MINI SERIES PART 3: Moms Surviving COVID-19

"Maintaining your relationships as best you can online is really helpful for you and your kids"

You are listening to the last episode of a 3 part mini series to help support you during this unique time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, we chat with my friend Alyson Peterson who talks about STEM activities she does with her kids and her business the WINKLE which was inspired by one of her kids!

Alyson was born and raised in Arizona. She has 4 very creative and active kids. She has a background in teaching art and a bachelors of fine art degree.

I started the Winkle because I wanted to help moms make me be better prepared and able to teach their kids at home. From personal experience, my kids don’t like reading instructions, so I knew I had to have video instructions. There’s a lot of pressure to do things and make things with our kids that people see on Pinterest or Instagram. So I wanted to take all of those things and make them accessible to busy moms.

I’m offering a coupon right now that gives 10% off your order. GIVEME10. She also hosts live events on her FB group The Winkle Crate.

You can find Alyson here:



Facebook Group: The Winkle Crate


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