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Episode 34: Homeschool Tips for the Moms who don’t normally homeschool with Erin Weist

Mini Series PART 2: Moms Surviving COVID-19

"Maintaining your relationships as best you can online is really helpful for you and your kids"

Are you still in shock that not just a mom dealing with kids home during a pandemic, but you are now their teacher too??

I asked my friend Erin Weist to come on because she has homeschooled her kids for 8 years and now most of her kids are in public school, well they were. Haha She talks about how what we are doing is nothing like homeschool or public school. Doing school at home right now in these circumstances just isn’t the normal way to learn...and that’s ok! Erin gives great tips and helps you see that you really are doing a good job so don’t freak out! This episode will help you feel so much better about yourself!

Erin Weist is a native of Utah who is proud of her pioneer heritage and the stunning mountains in her home state. With a degree in English she took to digital work while living around the world, in both England and Malaysia, as she and her handsome husband grew their family to include 5 amazing kids. (Ask her sometime about delivering her daughter in a Malaysian hospital!) After homeschooling her kids for 8 years she wanted to spread her reach to working women and encourage their aspirations, so she created Aspire Her, a community for working women focused on creating networks, mentors, and valuable resources for working women at all stages.

Find Erin and more about the Aspire Her event here:

Instagram: @aspire.her


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