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Episode 31: Keeping the Love Alive After Having Kids with Amanda Louder

Does getting in the mood feel harder now that you have kids? Why is that? We used to love being intimate with our spouse, so what happened?? Amanda does a great job in this episode talking a lot about how our mindset has everything to do with our sex life. This is a must listen if you are needing some confidence, advice or ideas to help keep the love alive!

"Desire doesn’t just come, it has to be cultivated.”

This may be one of my favorite episodes yet because on this podcast we are legit about all things motherhood and in this episode we get legit about sex and how to keep the love alive after kids.

In this episode, Amanda Louder, a certified Sex and Marriage coach, talks to us about common issues she finds with her clients, how the media can skew our thoughts and views on sex, how to feel more confident with yourself and your body, and how mindset really REALLY matters. She has great tips and advice. Can't wait for you to listen!

Stay tuned until the end of the episode, the last 15 minutes are all questions YOU moms asked! She answers your questions great! If you would like to reach out to Amanda, her information is below.

As a first step to helping women embrace their sexuality, she has provided a FREE guide to help women understand how they personally experience pleasure. You can get this guide by going to

Amanda Louder is a Certified Life Coach who helps women from conservative Christian backgrounds love their sex life. She helps women embrace their sexuality to help them strengthen their relationship with themselves, their spouse, and God.

In addition to being a coach, Amanda is also a wife, mom to 3 and step-mom to 2. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching her kids play sports, fishing, and camping.

More Info on Amanda Louder:

To hear more from Amanda, you can find her on Instagram @AmandaLouderCoaching or her podcast "Live From Love" where she talks about all things sex and marriage.

You can also check out her website HERE.

In this episode, she refers to two of her podcast episodes. Here are the links to those episodes below:

Episode 74-How Body Image Affects Sex

Episode 80-How to Be Sexy

Other Resources and Links:

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