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Episode 30: How to find your mom tribe

As moms, we need support from other moms and women in order to be the best we can be, not get overwhelmed, and not feel lonely! Sometimes it's hard to find our how do you find your tribe? Take a listen to find out!

It's so important you have support and help as a mom. You got to find your people!

When I became a mom...all of a sudden I had this feeling of isolation I had never felt before. I quickly recognized about myself that I still need support and friends to be a good happy mom!

In this episode, I open up to you about my journey of finding my mom tribes when we had to move around a lot and how I found my way back to making friends.

Finding your mom tribe is so important and in this episode I also give you 4 ways that you can find your tribe! It's so important you have that support and help as a mom. It's a hard crazy journey we can't do alone!

I also have decided to start a Legit Motherhood Community Facebook group which will be a place for legit motherhood support. Please join by CLICKING HERE!

Other Resources and Links:

NEW Facebook Group-

Peace for Mom Coaching

Spots are available for the 8 week coaching program and the 4 week customized coaching program. CLICK HERE to sign up for more info.

Free Download-10 ways to get organized in your house

Want to see my legit mom life on the daily? You can find me on Instagram @hailimurch

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