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Episode 16: Mom bun, sweat pants and Netflix: Legit Mom Survival Mode

Have you ever gone through stages of your motherhood..when you feel like you are just surviving? Sometimes kids get sick and things happen that are unexpected..and it puts us into this survival mode. You aren't the only one who's been in survival mode mama...take a listen!

The chiropractor told me to rest and not pick up my two year old...and my first thoughts in the world am I going to survive??⁠

I recently had a month and a half of constant unexpected family emergencies, injuries, and illnesses and I wondered how in the world we were surviving. And some of those days...I had to lay on the couch and rest and put on the TV. I went into "survival mode"!⁠

In this episode of THIS is Legit Motherhood, I get real with you about those days we have that are just hard and we go into mom survival mode! I feel like there are 3 different types of survival mode:⁠

1) Pregnancy/newborn survival mode⁠

2) Unexpected life survival mode⁠

3) Day to day survival mode⁠

Mamas you aren't alone when you feel like your house is a mess and you haven't put make up on this week because of a sick kid or an unexpected family emergency. IT'S OK! Is everyone alive and breathing and fed and dressed? Then you're good! haha⁠

You'll get through your survival mode. It won't last forever. Do your best mama! And listen to this episode to know you are not alone!

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