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Podcast Launch Expert

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Are you an entrepreneur ready to start a podcast? Are you a VA looking to work with podcast hosts as clients? Or are you a mom who wants a way to make money, work from home and feel a little less alone in your motherhood journey.


You’re in the right place. 

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Oh hey!

I’m Haili Murch! I’m a mom of 2, a podcast host and a podcast manager. I have been working with podcasts for 2 years and I help people create a platform for their unique message and voice. Through my own podcast and my podcast management services, my mission is to help women  thrive in their business and support moms in their legit motherhood. I started this journey because I wanted to support my family and find purpose outside of being a mom. Now, I help other women do the same things. 


Most importantly, I want women out there to know, no matter what journey you are on...

you are not alone!


Launch a



Launching a podcast is the key to your business growth & success

Launching a podcast is not some trendy new marketing strategy - it is the key to your business growth and success! 


A podcast is the ultimate lead magnet. It offers your audience high-quality, valuable content that positions you as an expert. And it gives you consistent content you can reuse to market your business, grow your audience and gain new clients.


Ready to launch? I’m the creator of the Podcast Power Launch Package, helping you launch your podcast in just 4 weeks! Learn more via the link below.

Podcast Relaunch


A new program to help podcasters refresh their show and expand their audience! 

Are you a podcaster who has had a show over a year and feels like your show is missing something or maybe it needs some updates? I have been working with podcasters for almost 4 years now and I have seen many people start their podcasts and then lose their momentum. Sometimes podcasters start their podcasts but didn't have all the pieces to get it started the right way. I want to help podcasters rebrand, reformat, and revamp their show so that they can get excited about their show again and get new listeners. If you feel like it's time for a podcast refresh, I would love to chat with you to see how I can help you! 



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